Week # 14 – Crunch Bars

19 Dec

Chef Jonathan’s Part:

I really like this recipe. It’s so easy. It literally took me about 15 minutes. The important part is to really watch your caramel sauce, it can turn from amber to black within a matter of seconds. I also recommend pouring over your crackers immediately after you take it off the burner. I would also reduce the baking time by maybe a minute or so, my caramel was a little too dark on the bottom. All in all, a great recipe for a nice light snack or an app for a party!

Karen’s Part:

I’ve had this recipe for years but never made them.  I’m not sure why because they’re very easy to make and quite yummy.  The recipe was is easy to follow but I changed a couple of things.  I didn’t use the semi-sweet chocolate, I used chocolate chips.  Why crush squares when you can buy them already crushed? I also didn’t toast the walnuts; I forgot.  Careful when melting the butter. Mine was on the edge of burning.  They say don’t stir it and I’m not sure why, I would next time. When they need to be cut,they tended to be a bit hard so keep that in mind.  Also, I think because I used chocolate chips, the chocolate tends to be a bit soft so I store them in the fridge.  Probably the melted squares would keep a bit harder.

These were a hit at a Christmas party I took them to the other night.  Try them when you need something easy to make and good to eat.  Enjoy!

Here’s the recipe:

“Simply Stunning Crunch “Bars”” Dessert Recipes. Web. 18 Dec. 2011. <;.

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