Week 19 – Boston Cream Pie

06 Feb

Chef Jonathan: I received March’s issue of FNM in the mail this past week (btw, it’s the Chocolate Issue!), and I just knew we had to make this classic cake. It’s a fairly easy recipe to follow, but I of course made some adjustments. First, the parchment paper “cartouche” is definitely not necessary. This is something they make you do in Culinary School, just to be mean. It’s total overkill, as long as you grease your pan well. My cake actually took longer to bake as well, over the 30 minute mark, but I think increasing the temp. to 375 F, would decrease the time considerably. Also, the Creme Patissiere (custard) was a different recipe than I’ve used in the past, but I used a familiar method and it worked just fine. The only thing I changed was adding a bit of milk to the cornstarch to make a slurry, then adding this to the custard after the eggs and sugar. As always, make sure you temper the eggs first, before returning to the heat, so as not to curdle, and you should be seeing those huge “volcanic” bubbles. As for the ganache, I added a bit more heavy cream to thicken a bit and I loved the ending result, and I’m sure you will too!


Karen: This is the first time I’ve ever made Boston Cream Pie. It’s not a pie but it was founded in Boston. This reminds me of those Boston Cream donuts you get at Tim Horton’s when you need a bit of sugar in the morning 🙂 Quite tasty!

The recipe was easy to make but it did have a lot of steps and it did take some time. I actually ran out of time the one night so I made the cake, let it sit overnight and then made the pudding and the frosting and put it all together the next day. A warning about the decadent chocolate frosting: don’t eat it from the pan BEFORE you put it on the cake. If you do, you’ll have to make more because you will eat it all! I’m going to have to walk another 45 mintues to get off what I ate from the pan AFTER I put it on the cake. At least I got it on the cake, first. My recommendation is to make this for an event so you don’t have it sitting around your house calling your name! You’ll be walking with me to get it off.


Here’s the recipe from The Foodnetwork:


One response to “Week 19 – Boston Cream Pie

  1. Fred Wibert

    February 6, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Sounds tasty! Will you bring this to our next “gathering.” Fred from Avoca


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