Week 23 – Monster Brownies or PURE DECADENCE

05 Mar

Chef Jonathan: We found these brownies in a local newspaper last week, under a different name, and we decided to choose something more culinarily appropriate. I adapted the recipe a bit, to fit my specifications. Instead of using box mixes for both the cookies, and the brownies, I made them both by scatch. I used my Mom’s secret recipe for the cookies, and a wonderful recipe from the March issue of FNM. I also omitted the oreos, as I felt it would too much chocolate……The end result was very delightful, a nice cookie bar on the bottom, and fudgy brownie on top, the perfect combination!

Karen:  Decadence. That’s the only word I have to describe these yummy brownies.  This recipe is derived from one I found on the internet.  This brownie has as many parts as you want to put into it.  I made the base a chocolate chip cookie recipe (my favourite whose recipe I with hold from the public), then I placed Oreo cookies ontop of that and then poured a layer of my favourite brownie recipe ontop of that.  I then sprinkled M&Ms on the top, popped it into the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees and let it cool before cutting into them.  You can use whatever you want for these; add nuts, marshmallows,other layers, whatever sounds good to you.  You can top the hot Monster Brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce or eat them right out of the pan.  However you do it, make sure you share 🙂  Have fun making these,  Be creative.  Enjoy eating them!

 Chocolate Chip Cookie base

 Oreo cookies go next

Then pour brownie batter onto the Oreos

 Then sprinkle M&Ms on the top… if you want to


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