Week 24- Mini Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake

19 Mar

Chef Jonathan: This recipe looked so good, and it tastes even better! It’s really quite simple, as long as you’re mise is in correct order, due to the number of steps. For the cakes themselves I followed the method pretty closely, except I used chocolate chips, instead of chunks. I also used my silicone muffin tray, instead of ramekins, which worked out well, since they are an extra large size. I wasn’t particularly fond of the syrup, it was very runny, and I would have liked a thicker base. Although, the ganache was a nice consistency and it was prefect for presentation. My sister put it best, that it tastes like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange! It’s a very easy recipe, and I recommend this for everyone to make!

Karen: I watched Ina Garten make this recipe, emailed Chef Jonathan immediately and asked if this could be our next blog recipe. He agreed and I’m so glad he did. I am usually opposed to multiple-step recipes but this one is well worth it! It’s easy although there are 3 steps. I’ve been totally convinced that making a cake from scratch is worth the time it takes and this recipe certainly proves it. I followed the directions as written even using freshly squeezed orange juice. My husband said he could smell the orange as it was cooking – that’s how fresh it is. I used ramekins instead of silicone molds. I buttered them generously and added a small circle of parchment to the bottom of each one so they would come out easier. It worked! The only change was that I only had 5 ramekins, not 6, so I added a bit of cake batter to each of the 5 and added 10 minutes to the cooking time. They came out wonderfully. I also cut off the top of the cakes; which becomes the bottom before pouring the ganache over them. This made them sit nicely on the platter. Make these little treats for a family treat or for company! You will love them!


This is a Food Network recipe. Here is the link:


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