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Week #27 – Mexican Fiesta!

Chef Jonathan: We wanted to try something new and fun this week for our blog, and what says fun more than a fiesta! I made the Chicken Mango Tacos, but due to the unripeness of the mangoes, I’ve renamed it, Spicy Jalapeño Chicken Tacos. Despite the mango situation, it was fairly easy as long as you remove all the seeds from the Jalapeño peppers. I also added cilantro, which added a nice garnish. I also made Bobby’s guacamole, which is a nice recipe, although I added lots of garlic, because that’s my preference. For the Virgin Margaritas, I ended up adding some lemon juice and sugar, because there wasn’t much taste. I also garnished with a lime quarter. I love all these recipes, and I will likely use them all again. Enjoy!

Karen: I LOVE tacos but we usually pile on the cheddar cheese and sour cream when we make them. I found some newer recipes quite refreshing. They’re taken from this month’s Food Network Magazine. I made the “Chicken and Vegetables” tacos and the “Chicken-Mango” tacos. I also assembled Bobby Flay’s guacamole recipe.

All of the recipes were very easy to make. I followed each recipe as directed. My only mistake was putting too much cayenne on the chicken for the “Chicken-Mango” recipe. It made me, my husband and one guest cough uncontrollably. Thankfully, the “dust” settled and we were able to enjoy the meal.

I placed the ingredients in separate bowls instead of putting together the tacos for everyone. My dinner guests had fun mixing the different ideas together and creating their own Mexican masterpieces.

I also served Virgin Margaritas. They were pretty good.

I highly recommend trying these recipes. Happy Cinqo De Mayo!

Chicken-Mango Taco: Mix 1 chopped mango, 2 tablespoons each minced red onion and scallion, 1 teaspoon each minced jalapeno and lime juice, and salt. Season 1 pound chicken cutlets with salt and cayenne; grill and slice. Serve in tortillas with the mango salsa.





Chicken and Vegetable Taco: Saute 1/4 cup chopped onion and 1 teaspoon each minced garlic and jalapeno in oil. Add 1 1/2 cups each corn and chopped zucchini; cook until crisp-tender. Stir in 2 cups shredded cooked chicken, and cilantro, lime juice and salt to taste. Serve in tortillas.

Bobby Flay’s Guacamole:

  • 4 ripe Hass avocados, peeled, pitted, and chopped
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, minced
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chopped fresh cilantro leaves, to taste
Combine all ingredients in a molcajete and mix to a chunky consistency
. Season, to taste, with salt, pepper, and cilantro.

Virgin Margaritas: Ingredients:

1 Can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed

1/4 Cup orange juice

2 tbsp Kosher salt

1/2 Lime, cut into 4 wedges

4 Cups ice cubes

How to make Virgin Margarita:

Put the salt in a shallow dish and rub the rim of each margarita glass

Dip the rims into the salt and keep the lime wedges aside.a glasses with a lime wedge.

In a blender, blend the orange juice, limeade and ice cubes on high speed for about 1 to 2 minutes till well blended and the ice cubes are crushed.

Now pour into the glasses, garnish it with the lime wedges and serve.

Here is a taco that was created using all of the ingredients!

Week #26 -Ultimate Candy Bar….

Chef Jonathan: This recipe is very simple to make, which is nice because you can make many different variations: ie. adding a layer caramel on top of the chocolate, mixing in peanut butter with the chocolate (my rendition), or just adding your favourite candy and chocolate on top! Although the recipe calls for melting the chocolate in the microwave, I highly discourage this because if left in too long, it can actually burn the chocolate, as opposed to using a double boiler, where you can temper the chocolate to the perfect consistency. I also put M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces on mine. Make sure you refrigerate for a few hours, and enjoy!

Karen:  I had to laugh when I read the idea for this recipe. The original said, “Use leftover chocolate in your house.”  There is NEVER any leftover chocolate in my house!  Therefore, I had to go and buy some to create this snack.

It was very easy to make.  You melt chocolate in a microwave or in a double broiler, pour it onto a pan covered in parchment paper and add your chocolate choices.  I tried to make mine colorful so I added some Cadbury mini eggs.  I pressed down on the candy to help it stick into the chocolate.  Refrigerate it for a couple of hours, crack it into pieces, eat and store the rest in an airtight container.

My recommendation would be to pour it thin.  I made mine in an 8×8 pan and found it was a bit thick on the bottom.  I’d pour it thinner next time. But, you can’t go wrong if you love chocolate, with this recipe.  Adding peanut butter to the bottom layer is a GREAT idea!

This would be easy to make with kids!  Enjoy!

Original recipe can be found:

                   Candy I chose.

 Finished product.