Deep Fried Pickles……..

28 May

Got your attention, didn’t we? We decided to have a Dill Pickle Throwdown this week. If you’re not sure what a “throwdown” is, check out this website: Here is our fun with a “two city throwdown”!

Chef Jonathan: I decided to go with a tex-mex theme for my Deep-fried Dill Pickle, using a Cajun-spiced dredge. I tried both an egg-based and a water-based dredge, and found that the water-based dredge worked better due to the consistency of a paste. I did both whole and sliced pickles, and found that the sliced pickles worked a lot better with the dredge, and they came out a lot better once they were fried. I also made a Cajun Aioli, which complimented the pickles well.

Karen: I chose to use the Bick’s Baby Dill Deep Fried Pickle Recipe. LOVED them! It was easy to make and easier to eat! The only thing I changed was the dip. Instead of what they recommended, I used 2 TBS of mayo with 1 tsp of horseradish. That’s a favourite dip of ours. Not sure they were as “spicy” as the recipe made them sound but they were good and we enjoyed them! Here are some pics…

Ready to go into the oil


Deep Fried Pickles with Horseradish dip


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