Raspberry Filled Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis and Chocolate Ganache

18 Jun

One Recipe, Two Kitchens actually happened in one kitchen this weekend.  We made the same recipe but together, this week 🙂  It was fun!  We are a great team together!  The recipe is a mouthful to say so it rings true that it’s great in your mouth, as well. Hard to say, easy to make and even easier to eat!

Chef Jonathan: I was very thrilled this week to be able to our first One Recipe, One Kitchen blog, and it turned out very well! We took Paula Deens’ Molten Lava Cake recipe, but instead of gooey chocolate inside, we decided to inject yummy raspberry filling! The result was so good! We also made a raspberry coulis (cook down raspberries and sugar, till it has the desired consistency), and drizzled that on the plate, and a chocolate ganache to go on top. Love how these two flavours go so well together! Enjoy!

Karen:  We took a molten lava cake recipe, added a raspberry filling and cooked it all the way through.  We chose the cake recipe because it’s one of the best chocolate cake recipes I’ve ever made.  You can find the recipe on the Food Network website at:  We cooked the cakes for 20 minutes and left out the orange liqueur.  As Chef Jonathan said, “Who has that lying around in their kitchen, anyway?”  The raspberry filling we used can be found on the Wilton cake decorating website at:   The raspberry filling, that was left over, was boiled down, strained and used as the coulis.  Nothing is wasted!

Here are pictures of the process. Easy to make, as I’ve stated before.

Fill the bottoms of the ramekins first.

Then add the raspberry filling

Pour LOTS of chocolate ganache on top!

Squirt a bit of whipped cream on the top and enjoy!


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