Frozen Lemonade Pie

09 Jul

(This week it’s just “One Recipe, One Kitchen” as Chef Jonathan had the weekend off.)

I decided to try this new recipe for a family get together.  I’d never heard or seen it before and thought it sounded very good.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It was easy to make (I know, I keep saying that!) and very tasty. I thought it might be a bit tart due to the concentrated lemonade but it wasn’t. It was sweet with a bit of welcomed tartness. I cheated and used a ready-made shortbread pie crust. I know, I know… that’s cheating but I was short on time and patience. I made up for the “laziness” by adding fresh blueberries and raspberries to the top of mine instead of the lemon peel.  It does melt quickly so don’t be slow about serving this refreshing dessert.  It was a hit at the family  gathering. I highly recommend it!

Frozen Lemonade Pie with fresh berries

It’s from The Foodnetwork website:


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