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Creamy Caprese Pasta


Chef Karen: I saw this recipe while “Stumbling” and loved the thought of it. The reason I was drawn to it is the simplicity of it and well, the plain fact that it’s pasta. We LOVE pasta at our house!

While making it, I didn’t measure anything. In fact, I added more mozzarella cheese than it called for and less tomatoes. The other fun fact is that I cleaned out a couple of half boxes of pasta that I had in the cupboard. I know this would make any real pasta chef cringe but I’m a home chef that lives dangerously 🙂 I mixed bow tie pasta and rotini together and because it was about the same size, it worked.

That’s all I have to say about it. It’s simple, tasty and will be great as a leftover for lunch tomorrow. I highly recommend this one!



Chef Jonathan: I decided to use Farfalle pasta, like Chef Karen. I like Farfalle, but I find it takes longer to cook, due to the intricacy of the shape. I also made a garlic butter base, along with a Bolognaise sauce. I also added more cheese than I was supposed to……I like this recipe, it is very easy, and as with all pasta dishes, make up your special version as we have! Enjoy!

Here is the recipe. You can definitely change it up to suit your taste.