Easter Chick Cake

01 Apr

This year for Easter dinner dessert, we decided to do something a little different, we created a 2-layer cake with buttercream icing and decorative chicks and eggs. For the cakes, make your favourite white or golden cake, or buy a mix if you prefer. Cut the top off of the bottom cake to make it flat on top, so the top cake will sit perfectly on top. For the buttercream, cream 1 lb salted butter and with the paddle attachment, mix in 1-2 C confectioner’s sugar, until the icing mixture is developed. Adding a splash of milk makes the icing easier to spread, then add your green food colouring, for the grass (we used Wilton Leaf Green icing colour). Spread the icing in between the cakes and on top and down the sides of both cakes, until covered completely. For the chicks, I molded them out of gum paste, and painted the dyes on after they each hardened. Decorate with gumpaste chicks and your favourite Easter chocolate eggs (we used mini eggs and malted robins’ eggs). Voila! you have an extravagant cake for next Easter or Spring dinner party!


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