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Week 20 – Salsa-Stuffed Muffin Meat Loaves

Chef Jonathan: I like this recipe for “meatloves”, it’s nice for a Sunday Lunch, and they’re small, so you can have more than one! The only thing I left out, was the beans, it sounded strange, and a little too healthy for my taste! I love the salsa on top, and of course I added way too much cheese, which was delicious! I also cooked them 5 minutes longer than recommended, but other than that, no other problems arose. I recommend using your silicone muffin pan, if you have one. It makes things so much easier, and you just pop them out immediately. Enjoy!

Karen:  This isn’t your mother’s old meatloaf recipe!  This is an up-to-date recipe with a twist of cheese that is quite refreshing.  These little guys are so easy and quick to pop in the oven after work. When I made them I omitted the beans because i forgot to buy them and I wasn’t running to the store to pick some up.  I think the recipe with them might be a bit too bulky by using them, anyway, so we didn’t miss them.  That was the only change I made.  I did let them cook a bit longer than requested, too.  I found that cooking them 5 minutes longer satisfied my mind that I wasn’t eating raw meat.  I’ve made them twice: once with ground turkey and once with extra-lean hamburger.  They were more stable with the hamburger but I think that’s because the hamburger has a bit more fat in it than the turkey does.  Either tastes just fine!  Try something new tonight! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Image  This recipe is from Canadian Living Magazine.