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Fresh Corn Casserole

Fresh ingredients for this recipe are the best

Chef Jonathan: I was very motivated for this weeks blog, because I’ve never made a corn casserole or anything like it before, and I always love trying new things! I like this recipe for its simplicity, but in the same way, I wish there were more ingredients, like: onions, leeks, or something to bulk it up a bit. I also found it a bit runny, so next time I would likely leave out the milk and only add the heavy cream. I would also increase the cooking temperature to 375, for at least 45 minutes, as I found it took a long time for all the peppers to cook fully. Speaking of peppers, I decided to use both red and orange, as I find the color combination very visually appealing. All in all, a great recipe, with a few minor changes.



Chef Karen: I’ve made this recipe several times this summer, already. I also have found it very easy to make. I agree with Chef Jonathan that it could use a little bulk.  I have also cut back on the milk and the cream.  Even with the cutbacks it’s too runny. So keep that in mind when you serve it.  I’m sure you could make this with frozen corn but at this time of the year buy fresh and enjoy it! I’ve never found the cooking time to be a problem but every oven is different so adjust your cooking time accordingly.  Just a note: please be careful when working with jalapeno peppers.  Their seeds are very hot and can leave a burning sensation on your hands.
This recipe is from the Food Network website.