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Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Chef Karen:  It’s Fall…….  2 things that certainly make Fall a great one are: Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donuts.  When I think of those tasty Fall treats, I’m taken back to my days of living in Michigan.  So, I was quite happy when I came across this recipe. The thing I’d say is to make sure you have the donut pan.  I had a hard time finding one but victory ensued and I bought 2 – one for me, one for Chef Jonathan.  Once you find your pan, go to town making these donuts.  The recipe is easy; it can be found here: Baked Apple Cider Donuts and I really like these because they are baked and not fried in awful oil!  I consider them to be health….ier 🙂 i did double up on the spices.  I felt it wasn’t enough for the recipe.  I also left off the frosting and went right for “dipped in cinnamon sugar”.  These were a definite hit and a great addition to my Fall memories.  I’ll make them, again.

Apple Cider Donuts

Chef Jonathan: First off, I have never baked donuts before so this was a first for me, but I think this is a great recipe for donuts of any kind. Simply change the seasoning and frosting and you can create any combination you prefer. I couldn’t find any apple cider yet at my local market, so I increased the seasoning a bit of the cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. I also over-glazed and over-sugared the donuts because, well why not eh? I also love the idea of baking in the oven as opposed to deep-frying, it’s not only healthier, I actually find it easier and less messy. Again, I think this is a great recipe for donut first-timer like myself, and I will definitely be using this recipe again.



Salted Caramel Donuts

Chef Jonathan: I was very excited for this week, because I’ve never made doughnuts before. First off, I disagree with the whole proofing process (“fridge method”), so I decided instead to make my dough, proof for 1 hour, punch down, then proof for another 30 minutes. Remember, that yeast likes a warm, dark environment, so I highly recommend this method. I then rolled out the dough and cut 3 inch circles, with 1 inch holes inside. I then let it those proof for another 45 minutes, then deep-fried the doughnuts and holes and let cool while I made the caramel. I made a classic caramel sauce, with equal parts sugar and water, corn syrup, and adding heavy cream to make a nice amber caramel. I drizzled the caramel on top, and voila!

Karen:  2 weeks ago I told my husband that I wanted to make homemade donuts.  1 week later I find a recipe that makes my mouth water.  I think it was meant to be 🙂

I read the recipe and it said to proof the dough overnight in the fridge.  I was skeptical as I’d never heard that before and after doing some research, I decided not to follow that and just make the dough and let it set for 2 hours.  The dough never rose.  I found the recipe hard to read. I’m not sure if it’s because there were so many steps or I just wasn’t able to focus while following it.  The donuts turned out well but I made some mistakes, especially with the caramel, but the taste was there. I actually decided not to make the burnt caramel. I don’t think my palette is that refined.

I shared them with some friends and they all enjoyed them; as did my husband and I. But I found that they were a lot of work – which making homemade donuts are – and I figure I probably won’t make them, again.

a mound of donuts

The little holes

Here is the website where the recipe is from: