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Beef Bourguignon – Happy Birthday Julia Child!

Karen: We wanted to celebrate the great chef, Julia Child, by creating her Beef Bourguignon recipe. Her recipe is quite intense, as one might assume, so we found a shorter, easier version that any home chef could attempt with success. This was an easy recipe to follow. I was very excited to make the bouquet garni so I’ve added a picture of that! I had rave reviews of the smell while it was still cooking; even our dog sniffed the air when I took off the lid to stir the pot!

It turned out pretty good. The beef was really tender and the zest was good. Sometimes when I make beef stew it seems that the beef never tenderizes enough; this didn’t happen this time. I served this beef treat on top of egg noodles but you could use rice or potatoes, too. I’d make it, again. Thanks, Julia! Even though I used an easier recipe, you’re still my inspiration!

Chef Jonathan: I have always wanted to try this recipe, so when we found a recipe that was a little more approachable, we were thrilled! My favorite ingredients in this recipe are the beef and the wine, arguably the two most prominent as well. I decided to go with a Bordeaux from Gironde-Sur-Dropt, instead of the traditional Bourguignon, mainly for its fuller-bodied rich taste, I believe it goes perfectly with tender beef. It’s also very important to taste the wine ahead of time, to be sure that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the stew. For my bouquet garni, I used thyme and rosemary, but omitted the parsley, just my personal preference. I also loved the method of cooking the bacon and shallots together, it gives an amazing taste, and is very time efficient. Although, I shortened the simmering time on the stew from the original two hours, but I added about an additional 15 minutes for the cremini mushrooms to ensure doneness. All in all, an amazing dish from an amazing woman, and as Julia would say it, “Bon Appetit!”

Here is where you’ll find the recipe we used: