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Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies

Chef Karen: Two of my most favorite words together right now are: salted and caramel. I just can’t resist them. So, when I found this recipe I couldn’t refrain from convincing Chef Jonathan it was one we had to do! Another reason I found these interesting was the size. Individual servings seem to be “in” right now and I find them cute 🙂

The recipe is very straight forward. I, of course, took the easy way out and bought my pie crust. Ok, ok… I can hear you REAL pastry chefs giving me a sigh and a head shake but I have an aversion to making pie crust and I’m not that good at it. Pillsbury obviously knows that there are many chefs out in the cooking world like me or else they wouldn’t be marketing their ready-made crusts.

You can follow the recipe below but here are a few tips from me: I used a 3″ mug as a cutter and was able to make 8 pies from my two crusts. I even had enough left over to make an apple turnover for my husband. 🙂 Your caramel WILL leak through. I’m not sure how to keep it from doing that. Make sure you use parchment paper as to eliminate a lot of mess. For the salt part, I used a Fleur de Sel. It was way too much. This quite disappointed me; as I’ve already stated, I LOVE those two flavours together. I’d use less next time.

Chef Jonathan: In honour of American Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought this would be a great recipe. I like this recipe very much, and highly recommend it. I made my own pâté brisee, but found the sour cream a bit strong, cream would be nicer next time. I used a 2 1/2 cutter, so I was able to get about 12 pies from the pastry. I actually like the smaller size, but I would call it more of a scone than pie. My caramel also escaped, even with the use of the egg wash. All in all, a good recipe with a few minor adjustments.

This week’s recipe: