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Green Olive and Bacon Pizza

Karen: YUM! My husband LOVES bacon, I LOVE green olives, we LOVE this pizza. Actually, I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like but this one if now on my favourite list 🙂 I am not a good pizza crust maker but I keep trying and I think I’ve finally managed to find a recipe that makes sense to me and one that I was successful with. You can find it here: . Although the recipe allows for toppings for two pizzas, I added everything to one. I like a pizza piled high with yummy stuff! I also put the mozzarella cheese on top of the sauce and not on top of the toppings. I like this method better. I think this is more “Italian style” -istic. Make this for supper or for a wonderful late night snack. Either works fine for me 🙂

Chef Jonathan: This recipe for Green Olive and Bacon Pizza is one of the best recipes I’ve seen lately. I was very impressed that there was only need for 1 proofing instead of the usual method of proof, punch and proof again, very time efficient! I also love how the ingredients are so minimal and simple, and most importantly delicious! I was going to make 1 pizza and freeze the rest, but I saw how small the pie was and decided to make two after all, why not?! I also love how the pizza is so rustic, it makes it seem very authentic, all in all love this recipe, you all should try it!$8clFSy/