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Week 4 – Thanksgiving Squash Soup

Chef Jonathan:

With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up next weekend, we both thought this would be an ideal time to do something festive for fall, and also that that would be relatively convenient to make for Thanksgiving dinner. This recipe calls for a “Pumpkin Bowl” although I decided against that, thinking it would be too time consuming. The prep was the most time consuming for me, especially the peeling of the squash. The butternut squash has two layers of skin. The outer layer, which we can see from looking at it, and an inner layer which is underlying and very thin. Although these skins are both edible, it’s recommended that both are also removed. It may be time consuming, but it will be well worth it in the end. The only thing I changed in this recipe, was the amount of sugar. It calls for 1 teaspoon  of sugar, and I added about 2 tablespoons to the squash once it was in the pot. I always love the contrast between sweet and savoury, and I recommend this to all who don’t traditionally like squash (me being one of them). For the toppings, I made my own croutons and I also added bacon for a more rustic touch. My only criticism with this recipe is that it didn’t thicken up as well as I would have like it to. The one option would be to add more heavy cream (35%), and try to thicken it that way. Enjoy!

Karen:  I was apprehensive to try this recipe as squash is NOT on my “top 10 things i love to eat” list but I wanted to try it because Jonathan suggested it.  I pretty much echo what Jonathan said about this recipe.  The squash was hard to cut but not impossible.  I SHOULD have added more sugar but didn’t and I DID add the 35% cream but wished it had thickened more, as well.  BUT….. it’s tasty, sweet and I actually like it.  I added proscuitto instead of bacon because i’m a food snob 🙂  No, actually, I just wanted to practice saying “proscuitto” to the deli clerk; that’s why i chose it.

So, here’s the recipe.  forget the cute little pumpkin bowls unless you’re feeling like Martha Stewart.  I and Jonathan obviously weren’t 🙂  Enjoy!

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